Friday, September 10, 2010

Mountain Goat

GT ala mobius, originally uploaded by mobiuscycle.
I always forget what a roadie I am. Then I get on my road bike and WHAM! I'm hooked. Speed, agility, climbs like a mountain goat. I think part of me knew Mad Market was closed at 11:17pm last night. I think I just wanted to climb straight up pike from downtown. My favorite part was when my front wheel glowed in the shadows (it's phosphorescent blue on white paint). Baby got a new pair of shoes! These are my first deep V road wheels (DT Swiss RR585 rims, front painted by SIK Werks). I've always had low-profile rims before. What a difference! Holy stiffness Batman! Snappy everywhere! I think I just blew a gasket I'm so stoked! Too many exclamation points!

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