Thursday, September 23, 2010

Feather Dream Mural

I love night photography, especially in black and white. Today and yesterday we are under a Harvest Moon. Last night, about midnight, I was about to go to bed when Sarah pulled me onto the porch and said, "LOOK!" and pointed at that big beautiful luminary. I got out my Nikon FE2, loaded it with 3200 ISO Ilford film and drug my setup out to the street to minimize light pollution. I found my longest lens for said camera (a macro zoom lens) and fixed it to the camera and VoilĂ , the moon was nearly full frame, it was HUGE! I took most of the roll, experimenting with different shutter speeds, the moon would meter bright enough to blowout so I sped up the capture. I can't wait to finish this roll so I can see the photos! Thank you Harvest Moon for being so big and so beautiful. I really wish our way of life meant we would never miss the moon's dance across the sky. Sarah and I lived on a beach at La Push for a week once. The moon's cycle was ours and the waters' cycle too. Don't forget to look up, even mobius is hard to find without looking up!

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