Friday, March 25, 2011

A Nerd Is Born

When my Gampa let me play Parsec on his 1983 computer, I always wanted a mechanical pencil like he wore in his shirt pocket. One day, he gave me one. This small gesture started a love affair with all things relating including lead. Here it is in all its glory, Pentel.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor, a lady of Passion

Elizabeth Taylor
Every year I got my Gamma the same thing for Christmas. The scent she wore was Elizabeth Taylor's Passion. I'd get her a bottle and some new golf balls, even though it cost me most of the money I had saved over the year. She was such a generous person to me in my life, regularly reminding me of my own special gifts. I wanted her to feel as special on her birthday. I felt she appreciated that gift from me most of all, knowing what it cost me, always accepting it gratefully with her specific, genuine smile. I know that my Gamma was as wildly powerful and beautiful as the scent she wore.

These two women were quantum twins, burning brighter than life. Thank you for paving the way for our generation of women. We are humbled by your poise and grace, but most importantly, your power.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Saturated Candy Clouds

Clouds in my dreams
Cotton Candy has such a texture to it. I feel the artist really captured the cotton candy color and texture on this wood. A little contrast to make it pop. I like the natural saturation. In my dreams, I swim through the air when I'm feeling light like these colors. When things have this warm, intense light anything seems possible!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Blue Perspective
When unsure, I like to check my perspective. It may be where I'm coming from but it's still limited. I want to travel to increase my "fishbowl" and gain perspective. What's happening in Japan has changed my perspective on how much energy we need to sustain this lifestyle. What is to come?


Beautiful disintegrations. Is urban growth ugly, or has it long been beautiful to watch objects slowly lapse back to disorder? Have you ever seen a really old pane of glass? Glass is liquid sand, over time it slowly runs thicker at the bottom. It's a beautiful refraction through that pane. The shadows are gorgeous too. Imagine owning one of something for the rest of your life. Now buy accordingly.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's Day Tractor

Upstate New York
Happy amateur night! Ride safe out there and enjoy a green beer for me. This is at Sarah's childhood home in Upstate New York. While visiting, we walked through snow covered woods and played Parcheesi by the wood burning stove. It was a magical winter over three years ago. Time flies when you're having this much fun! I love you and your whole clan Sarah!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Texture...of Texas

CCP - Trispoke Wall Hanging
There have been so many confluences this 2011th year. Today, I stepped out for coffee and a magical pull lured me to the Seattle Art Museum, a mere two blocks from mobius. I stumbled into the nearest door to escape some inclement weather, so excited, my heart pounded as I ascended the escalator. I entered the open area (with the cars) and had just missed something cataclysmic. I was chasing ghosts. Nick Cave, the artist not the musician, usually has a few of his Suits on display at the SAM. They are my favorite part of the permanent collection. Tonight just happened to be opening night for his very own show including his new twig sound suits. As the SAM tells it, the twig suits were inspired by the Rodney King beating. Nick was sitting on a park bench contemplating the effect of the King scene with reference to his own life as a black man when he looked down, found a twig and wham! inspiration struck. Within the suit, the wearer achieves an anonymity and freedom disguised allowing the artist to explore new avenues without's an interesting bit about identity. We wear so much of how we define ourselves. I tend to be a cartoon character and wear the same things day after day, feeling uncomfortable at any change in costume. Today I wore a new, to me, shirt that was light blue instead of Seattle black. It changed my day, literally. Fabric, Textiles, weaving wheels at mobius for a good buddy whose hubby cracked in half. That was my baby blue shirt day today.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Sans developed film, this is my favorite photo I took in Austin. I loved the grit of Austin, and this house had it in spades. Some artistic eye saw its potential and perfectly placed their scene. Along I come to capture the wheat paste in the wind, animated and alive, reminding me that there is art and beauty to behold anywhere.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Music is Always for Ali

Ali in a pipe.
Tuesday Nite Music at mobius always leaves me missing Ali Gator. He always had a minute when you needed him. A smile and a shot of Scotch. This is a payday moment, cigar end in his favorite pipe. Here's to you in the French Quarter!