Friday, March 11, 2011

Texture...of Texas

CCP - Trispoke Wall Hanging
There have been so many confluences this 2011th year. Today, I stepped out for coffee and a magical pull lured me to the Seattle Art Museum, a mere two blocks from mobius. I stumbled into the nearest door to escape some inclement weather, so excited, my heart pounded as I ascended the escalator. I entered the open area (with the cars) and had just missed something cataclysmic. I was chasing ghosts. Nick Cave, the artist not the musician, usually has a few of his Suits on display at the SAM. They are my favorite part of the permanent collection. Tonight just happened to be opening night for his very own show including his new twig sound suits. As the SAM tells it, the twig suits were inspired by the Rodney King beating. Nick was sitting on a park bench contemplating the effect of the King scene with reference to his own life as a black man when he looked down, found a twig and wham! inspiration struck. Within the suit, the wearer achieves an anonymity and freedom disguised allowing the artist to explore new avenues without's an interesting bit about identity. We wear so much of how we define ourselves. I tend to be a cartoon character and wear the same things day after day, feeling uncomfortable at any change in costume. Today I wore a new, to me, shirt that was light blue instead of Seattle black. It changed my day, literally. Fabric, Textiles, weaving wheels at mobius for a good buddy whose hubby cracked in half. That was my baby blue shirt day today.

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