Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor, a lady of Passion

Elizabeth Taylor
Every year I got my Gamma the same thing for Christmas. The scent she wore was Elizabeth Taylor's Passion. I'd get her a bottle and some new golf balls, even though it cost me most of the money I had saved over the year. She was such a generous person to me in my life, regularly reminding me of my own special gifts. I wanted her to feel as special on her birthday. I felt she appreciated that gift from me most of all, knowing what it cost me, always accepting it gratefully with her specific, genuine smile. I know that my Gamma was as wildly powerful and beautiful as the scent she wore.

These two women were quantum twins, burning brighter than life. Thank you for paving the way for our generation of women. We are humbled by your poise and grace, but most importantly, your power.

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