Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fine Art

DT Swiss Red, originally uploaded by mobiuscycle.
I love this color. Or maybe it's the color of love. I definitely feel a heightening of the senses. Something about this photo really strikes me. The angles, captured. A wheel is a delicate balance, a suspension bridge. I often try to capture this tenuous quality when I photograph my wheels. "What doesn't bend breaks." -Ani DiFranco

This need for flexibility is one of the many reasons I only build with DT Swiss Revolution spokes. They are butted to be thinner than other spokes. Through this process, "work hardening" reorganizes the metal lattice on the molecular level. In other words, the spoke becomes denser and stronger as well as lighter, but most importantly it can hold more tension with less material. A wheel needs tension to suspend. I've said it before, my new wheels fly. Any bicycle wheel is a beautiful machine, but this is Fine Art.

Fusing craft spirit and vision.

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