Friday, August 27, 2010

Sift Life

Sift Life, originally uploaded by Taylor Hurley | Grain Studios.

When I was younger, home was a place to escape from. Now, I love my home. It took years to build it though I laid naught a brick. mobius taught me about home. Running a business is a 24 hour job. Especially one you are passionate about. Thanks to photography, now I have more to be passionate about than ever. In order to refill that passion though, I have to spend energy taking care of myself, go figure. Going wheat free is a difficult task. I loved sifting flour. I love baking. But as I eat more fruits, vegetables and whole foods, I find myself with more energy and clarity. I like to remember we are animals after all. Food is food and a box of something like food isn't quite but wishes it was.

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