Friday, August 27, 2010

An International Bicycle Brand

Panasonic, originally uploaded by mobiuscycle.
Like an orange sherbet push pop. The bike I taught myself to ride was this red. Out on a gravel road by myself in Wisconsin, I kept trying after falling over and over. I was probably three or four years old. Who needs training wheels. Once I figured out to go as fast as possible once I started, I could keep my balance. And I was off! I can still remember that first feeling of floating sideways when I'd lean. It was a little stomach lilting, but only the first time. I didn't get to ride a bike again until my fifth birthday. My mom then unveiled Niki's Snooper! A step through frame she had painted red with a white banana seat and grips. She and her best friend Jeff built it for me out of several bikes they got at the dump. My first bike was custom built just for me. Not to mention my mom painted a dancing Snoopy on the chaingaurd and Woodstock as the headbadge. I love that my job is helping other people have that first sickeningly sweet wobble on their very own custom bike.

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