Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Army of Jesus...hmmm, originally uploaded by mobiuscycle.
The only true veil between us is belief. Todo bicho viviente y las estrellas estan hecho de lo mismo (every person alive is made of the same dust as the stars). Claiming cultural ownership over an idea or action never stops its spread or use. Now that we are connected via computer, the land of words and images, the spread of ideas approaches the speed of light. But no one can own a cultural idea or practice. Just look at religion. People of all backgrounds have adopted all manner of religious practices. Does Dharma Punx Seattle have a karmic debt to pay for not being in India? Or is the spread of a good idea just that. At Dharma Punx we release any accumulated benefit from our sit to the universe for all to share.  I may not be affiliated with a religion or belief system, but my spirituality wants to see more connectivity in the world, not less. I would prefer to share ideas with one another regardless of our beliefs.

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