Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Laid Back

Deep Brunch 
Leica CL + Leitz Summicron-C 40mm f:2.0
Capitol Hill Seattle

Surrounded by laughter this woman is lost in her own thoughts.  Brunch and coffee.  I don't know maybe it's the rain.  Maybe the Sound.  Sea air, falling water and cloud cover.  These are a few of the reasons Seattle residents seem to worship coffee and brunch.  Black and white.  Black coffee in a Glos' ceramic cup.  The wait takes hours, sometimes minutes.  You can always tell the locals, no complaints.  I mean, you could complain to the management and get a scathing look from the owner.  Or file your grievance with Yelp, along with all the others.  But, you would be missing the point.  Eggs benedict.  Corned beef hash.  No better can be had in this town.  If you can hold your head up until the food arrives, you will be grateful.   Try to look like you don't mind 'cause those of us who know, don't.  Welcome to Seattle, the reason the west coast is called "laid back"

Beauty can be found by looking
grain. | mobius | infinite resolution
Photo by Taylor Hurley aka niki mobius

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  1. Order from bed. 374ft for dog's business. Cali in hand. Bed...420...nature doc...700+ fill. Ah sunday