Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dream on little buddy.

It's Hard Times for Dreamers iPhone + Aperture 3
Capitol Hill Seattle

Is space a fluid?  What medium does sound travel through in the vacuum of space?  The fluid known as water is fundamental to life here on earth.  Water in space is actually pretty rare.  Our particular ratio of water to land is also quite unique.  While earth was forming, material from asteroids in our orbital path smashed and stayed.  Once gravitational forces became strong enough to make it round, the debris left in earth's orbital had a unique quantity of water.  That particular amount of water smashing into earth in its final stages of formation is what created oceans yet allowed land mass to exist above sea level for our bipedal @sses to wander around on.  If you think about it, our ocean to land ratio is a thin line.  Being an "ugly sack of mostly water*" never seemed so amazing or rare.  It really brings melting polar caps into perspective though.  I guess the Venetians have found some pretty incredible ways to keep water at bay.  Venice has her own hydraulic reef of water retention.  Or maybe Noah will sail over and pick us up.  Never know, could get lucky.

*Star Trek TNG

Beauty can be found by looking
grain. | mobius | infinite resolution
Photos by Taylor Hurley aka niki mobius

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