Sunday, October 30, 2011

Harbor of Dreams

A Harbor of Dreams When I was a kid, assuming I did grow up, basketball was my burning passion. Basketball and books. I ate cheerios for breakfast, read books, went swimming, ate Mac n' Cheese then went out to play Basketball. I spent every summer dreaming of being old enough to play on the team. I used to run circles around the senior varsity boys at the playground. 21 was my game. I had point guard written all over me. Then, I got old enough. During 7th grade tryouts I made the first cut. None of my pals did though...because the coach was prejudiced. My buds were black and I wasn't. I blew up at the coach in the hallway at school defending my ladies. As I figured would happen, I got cut next. Thing was, I didn't want to be on a team that didn't want my friends. I tried to play ball for school later in High School, but that episode was truly the end of my Basketball Dreams.

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  1. Aww, I loved basketball too. You should have played for my high school, all black kids were welcome.