Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blue + Diablo | A Balanced World

Blue + Diablo
Blue Diablo should be a new cocktail. One of those incredibly well mixed mixologist type drinks. Maybe with smoke coming off the top. This build is that hot, smokin' hot. I am a big fan of balance in a photo or on a bike, in my personal life and in my work. There really is no such thing as perfect balance in the literal way our minds label and store. But, in reality, often what our minds mix up, our body and spirit knows is perfect and balanced. Our living selves are in a state of balance. As we hone our desire for a world that reflects our best qualities, we must remember that what we envision does come to be. All we have to do is continue to evolve our desired reality to reflect our highest vibration and balance can be achieved. We brought global connection into being so that we could reconnect with our oneness and share our insights with the world. All our voices are shaping tomorrow, what are you manifesting? It shall be.

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