Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks

Giving thanks...missing my bestie Rheannon and her Jim this holiday season.  Needlepoint Turkeys are Jim's Specialty.  The monsoon in Seattle this November is recalling many memories with Rheannon when we rode together as bike messengers in Seattle.  I began my illustrious courier career the week before Thanksgiving in 2004.  We had record wet from the very first day.  I quickly realized that gear is paramount in persistent rain.  The infamous Corndog was the one to talk to about a bag that can keep 2 1/2 ft. of legal documents dry day in and day out.

Dank Bags.  Seattle.  A match made in heaven.  When mobius was no more than building bikes for my messenger friends in my living room, Cory constructed my first real messenger bag with mobius cycle embroidered on the flap, lovingly recreating my logo.  Now don't go asking for this favor of favors.  My bag was a one off.  These aren't laser age graphics, no.  Cory simply makes the best waterproof bag out of the finest materials 'cause he needs his bag to stay dry.  He was his first customer and his first messenger bag, over 10 years ago, was the first Dank Bag.  Now Cory builds in his studio at mobius.  So if you're out there getting wet, remember there's help in here for staying dry.

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