Monday, September 26, 2011

Brian Fairchild | A Community in Mourning

Photo and quote from Seattle Gay News
Among the Haida Indians of the Pacific Northwest, the verb for "making poetry" is the same as the verb "to breathe." -Amanda John Paul Ziller -via Holly Johnson

'I am a child of bright morning,' he often said, both for the poetry, but also stating his full intent to begin every day, even the difficult ones, with an open, uncluttered conscience.

Brian lost his life on his bike. Too many folks have been losing lives, sustaining injuries and bruising bikes lately. We need a bigger change than the band-aid of bike lanes. We need a real consciousness shift in all the motor vehicle users and planners. Infrastructure let Brian down. An unmarked set of stairs was seemingly a continuation of the bike path at a particularly bad section near Lake Union. One sign would have saved his life. We need Drivers and city planners to be taught to be aware and care about us on the road. Why not add a section to our driver's education courses on handling cars near bikes? Why isn't it on the driver's license test? Why is road rage permitted? Encouraged by bad design? Make it safe for our innumerable, wonderful citizens to safely take their transportation into their own hands (or feet). Please, take the time to think about how our infrastructure can be changed to accommodate all users and tell someone, anyone. The more we talk the more things change.

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