Saturday, February 19, 2011

True Love | A tale of two cities

The Crow's Nest
Before mobius, I worked with my best friend Rheannon at ABC Legal Couriers. We hung out at every coffee/lunch break. Occasionally, Lady Jake would join us at our favorite spot, 1215 4th. I still go to the bank at 1215. Every time I cruise by, I remember our afternoon vigils over coffee. Amazing conversations and observations about our world. On her path to school, fueled by an inordinately intense love of lichen, Rua moved to Portland. I spent one weekend a month visiting my bestest friend. It is easy to fall in love with Portland, especially if you are an Art and Bike freak. Well, I easily fall into those categories. For a good year or two I kept up these visits as mobius grew. The flavor of Portland I did ingest, only to integrate some into my idea of what mobius could be. I love our Seattle, the greenery and energy of this thriving Metropolis. My dream, our little art collective, is equally crafted from these two cities thanks to my best friend following her path to Corvalis. She picked up an amazing gent along the way, Jim. This was their porch the year we started our Thanksgiving retreat cycle. I remember that Jim needlepoint'd our name cards! Last year, he made me an invitation made of paper cutouts which he assembled into a truing stand with the words "You are a true friend". This year my bff gets hitched to this wondermous gent!

Congratulations to Rheannon and Jim! May all your days be blanketed by your True Love!

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