Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gaga for Gan Well Pro

Ready for my closeup
Dearest GanWell Pro,
You had me at hello. Your frame has so much subtle beauty. I have slathered my camera all over you for over a month. I built an entirely new studio just to capture your illusive, elusive, pot o' gold holding rainbow. Too bad a Leprechaun (Glazer's) ran off with all the gold! Good thing I have a sweet studio and you to show for it.
Love and kisses, Niki

And that is what it's all about, having something to show for it. As I go along, I learn more and more about priorities. Money is about priorities. If your goal is to build a dependable, beautiful steed, budget will rarely get in your way, if it's truly a priority. Gary finally built himself his dream bike. After seven years of not quite so dreamy bikes, the Gan Well is his coup d'etat...the end all be all of bikes. I am more proud of this build than the ones that came before. I have put more out and on the line to build this gorgeous creature to her utmost desire. She begged for pink rims with that tiny tease...wish you could see the bottom bracket shell. Everywhere they could do a cutout, they did. That pink filled them all, and by hand I might add. The color changing clear coat, with the finest silver metal flake I've ever seen, finished an impeccable build. Thanks Euro-Asia for being bold and building a show bike most worthy of the best show on earth.

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