Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Atala Script

The Atala Script
Bikes bikes bikes. I've been working diligently to build these beauties and capture their essence. Fonts have always fascinated me. It seems that good script can cause an emotional reaction to the beauty. There is something so humanly artistic about well written words. I am a cursive writer. I feel like the last of my kind. Both my Mom and Gamma wrote in cursive and I thought it was so beautiful and frankly, quicker. Somehow though everyone in schools since my era haven't even been taught cursive, hell, I hardly was. Nevertheless, when I was a Freshman in High School I practiced my hand writing papers, get this, without a computer! Yes, it's true, we used to be required NOT to type papers. I wonder what age the kids start using computers instead NOW. Luckily, beautiful objects are often adorned with great script, even if not rendered by hand.

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  1. I love the Atala script! trying to look for the font